Goa – Three Kings Church


Three Kings Church,  Goa

Sand,  sunshine, beach and beer – that’s exactly what first comes to mind when you hear the word GOA and that’s what I was looking forward to when I got a one day short escape from the otherwise hectic official visit to GOA and I wanted to make the most of it.

It was September, hot and humid and the beach shacks were not yet operational, so on the recommendation of my local cab driver, I took a drive to a calm, serene church located on a small hilltop. It’s a comparatively offbeat path through the local village/town and a steep ride to the top.

Located in South Goa in a village called Cansaulim, Three Kings Church is hardly known to outsiders and that what makes it a quiet and peaceful place visited only by locals and very few tourists.

The church is an old white structure, and though it was closed, the view from the top with an abundance of greenery was breathtaking. It was just post monsoon, and every direction that I looked from the hilltop, it was just 360 degree picturesque view of lush green landscape.

There was not a single soul in the vicinity except for me and my local guide cum driver Shailendra, who told me that in January every year there is a huge festival organized by the locals here. However what he missed to tell me was that Three Kings church is believed to be one of the most haunted places in Goa, with the presence of the spirit of three Portuguese Kings after whom the church is probably named.

Unaware of such uncanny stories related to the place I was happy just lazing around, soaking myself in the fresh air and striking green view of never ending landscape and trees. There was such a relaxed peaceful vibe in the place and I really missed not carrying my camera, since this place is also an absolute photographer’s delight.



View From Three Kings Church


View From Three Kings Church

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