Flying High- Tandem Paragliding in Goa

Tandem Paragliding in Goa

Tandem Paragliding in Goa


If you love to add a touch of adventure to your holidays, tandem paragliding is a perfect option to explore.

After some long search on the internet got the number of Michael, a professional paraglider, who has been flying over 15 years. A high spirited guy, he guided us perfectly to the meeting point – a small shack called Western Café near Sweet Lake, further North of Arambol Beach. The walk from Arambol beach to Sweet lake is through a rocky path with shops lined on both sides and restaurants overlooking the seas.

From here Mike and his helper Shankar escorted us to the take off zone- a hill top near Sweet Lake, helping us, the unfit and amateur climbers to make our way through the narrow curves.

The best part about tandem paragliding is you just sit and relax while your paraglider does all the work. Without wasting any time, I am tied with a comfortable harness to Mike and we run few steps and take off in the air, with the huge orange parachute fluttering above us.

Up in the air, I sit comfortably enjoying a bird’s eye view of the unending sea, sand and hills beneath me, feeling the gentle breeze, breathing in the fresh air trying to figure out my friends who look like ants on the hill top, until Mike suddenly adds some adventure to my ride, swirling and turning the parachute, going zig-zag in mid air.

A fifteen minutes ride is enough to make one dizzy when you are safely landed on the hill top again.

At below Rs.2000 per ride for 15-20mins, it was perhaps one of the cheapest paragliding rate in the country. An additional Rs.500 for photographs is worth, considering the pictures taken by Mike with his extended camera while flying is simply amazing.

Paragliding season in Goa is during the winters from November to March.


The view of the sea from high up in the sky

The view of the sea from high up in the sky

Tandem Paragliding Goa

Tandem Paragliding Goa

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