Agrasen ki Baoli – A Hidden Gem

Since 2015, post the release of Amir Khan’s movie PK, “Agrasen ki Baoli” suddenly came into prominence. Inspired by how Amir Khan an alien in the movie found asylum in this abandoned, stepwell, a lot of people now throng this baoli.

When I visited “Agrasen ki Baoli” back in early 2013, no one talked or wrote about it much. A thorough search in the internet just gave me the address Hailey lane off Hailey Road, near Connaught Place. Well when you enter Hailey Road from KC Marg it is the first small lane on the left. When you enter the lane, it is just like any other locality and may fail to notice the entry of the Baoli on the right, unless you have actually gone looking for it.

As I entered, I noticed that the name is written as “Ugrasen ki Baoli” on the red sandstone. Hidden amidst the tall buildings and the hustle bustle of the commercial/shopping district of Connaught Place was a hidden gem – an old stepwell believed to have been built by Raja Ugrasen or Agrasen, the forefather of the Agrawal Community.


It seemed as if at this place the high rises of the modern world met the relics of the ancient times.

The monument has got four levels, and the main feature of the structure is the long flight of steps leading down to the stepwell. Counted as we climbed down, 104 in total (though it is said to have 108 steps). The steps are flanked on both sides with thick walls that have series of arched corridors, which you can climb up to. The stepwell which was originally build as a reservoir for storage of water now remains completely dry.


The enormity of the monument leaves you stunned at the first look. Though the place is filled with pigeons covering every nook and corner of the walls and hundreds (if not thousands) of bats at the dome at the end of the monument.





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